This table is a complete list of the Project characteristics that are detailed in the Analysis Phase. The answers to these questions represent input variables for the algorithm that ranks the various Learning Delivery Options. Upon request, a LearningROI Performance Consultant will customize this list for Enterprise clients as needed to ensure the application accurately reflects the organization’s approach to decision making. See: LearningROI Pricing

Ref. #CharacteristicBasic DefinitionCategoryTry it Free "Thin Slice" 
1The Learner's Opportunity Cost Away from the JobTo what extent will the organization suffer financial loss while the learner is away from the job attending the proposed learning project?Financial
2The Value of Learning ResultsTo what extent will the organization accrue financial benefit from the newly acquired skills obtained from the proposed learning project?FinancialIncluded
3The Financial Impact of Errors and Non-PerformanceIf the proposed learning project is not completed, describe the financial consequences that result from errors and non-performanceFinancialIncluded
4The Cost of Travel for Learning DeliveryHow costly will it be for the participant to travel if required to do so with the proposed learning project?Financial
5The Availability of Participant for Learning ProjectAre the participant who have been identified for the proposed learning project readily available?Audience
6The Learner Geographic DensityWhat is the geographic density of the participants who will attend the proposed learning project?Audience
7The Span of Time Zones for LearnersTo what extent will the participants be dispersed in different time zones for the proposed learning project?AudienceIncluded
8The Number of LearnersWhat is the total number of learners that will attend the proposed learning project?AudienceIncluded
9The Range of Learner's Pre-existing Knowledge/SkillsHow varied is the range of learner's pre-existing knowledge and/or skills within the participant population?AudienceIncluded
10Learner MotivationHow motivated are the participants to engage in the proposed learning project?Audience
11The Percentage of Change in Learning ContentWhat percentage of the existing content will need to be changed as a result of the proposed learning project?Content
12The Frequency of Change in Learning ContentHow often do you expect the proposed learning content will need to be changed throughout the year?ContentIncluded
13The Length of InstructionHow long do you estimate delivery will take for the proposed learning project?Content
14Adaptability of Content to MultimediaHow adaptable is the content to a multimedia format?Content
15The Complexity of the Learning ContentHow would you rate the complexity of the learning content?ContentIncluded
16The Lead Time to PerformanceHow much time is available before learners are required to apply new skills to a job or task?ContentIncluded
17The Impact of Performance Errors and Non-PerformanceWhat is the impact of unacceptable performance or non-performance of a task?PerformanceIncluded
18Performance Requires Hands-on InstructionTo what extent is hands-on instruction required for the proposed learning project?Performance
19Importance of Performance MeasurementHow important is it to measure performance upon completion of the learning project?PerformanceIncluded
20Fidelity of Learning to PerformanceHow closely should the proposed learning imitate the actual work environment?Performance
21Degree of Performance ProceduralizationTo what degree is the task performance for the proposed learning project based on a defined set of procedures?Performance
22The Frequency of Refresher TrainingHow often is refresher training required?Performance
23The Response Rate of Task PerformanceWhat is the required response rate and method for task performance on the job?Performance
24The Frequency of Task PerformanceHow often is the task performed?PerformanceIncluded
25Complexity of Performance MeasurementHow complex is it to measure participant performance during the proposed learning project?PerformanceIncluded
26The Importance of Instructor InteractionHow important is the need for interaction between the instructor and the participants for the proposed learning project?OtherIncluded
27The Importance of Organizational CultureHow much organizational culture is conveyed through the proposed learning?Other
28The Availability of InstructorsHow available are the instructors to teach?Other
29The Importance of Group InteractionTo what extent is group interaction important for the proposed learning project?OtherIncluded
30Complexity of Performance MeasurementHow complex is it to measure participant performance during the proposed learning project?Other