70:20:10 - The Case for Learning Performance

Challenge: The 70:20:10 Reference Model makes the case for learning performance improvement initiatives since organizations often default to formal learning investments which often suffer from inferior performance outcomes vs. social and experiential options. Training organizations are faced with a growing list of delivery channels / content choices while employees are increasingly circumventing traditional training options to get work done. Furthermore, many organizations and their L&D practitioners remain stuck in past practices – defaulting to training interventions based solely on cost and legacy delivery channels. The consequence is an imbalance in the mix of blended learning activities – often to the detriment of higher ROI channels such as experiential and social learning. Learning Performance improvement initiatives drive ROI-optimized learning solution and provide more balance in the 70:20:10 mix.

Solution: LearningROI’s UX and data-driven design approach optimizes learning investment “portfolios” by ranking formal, social and experiential learning options based on the unique characteristics of each training requirement, thus supporting the learning design team with evidence-based analytics to drive digital transformation and improvements in workforce learning performance.

More Use Cases

LearningROI Supports Enterprise Digital Learning

LearningROI answers the growing call to weave self-directed learning activities (enabled by digital content) with formal training using an evidence / ROI-based design approach. Equipping the learning design team with a robust decision analysis tool will help them sort through the hype with emerging technologies / delivery methods (e.g. curated content, micro-learning, AR/VR, etc.) so that they can confidently transform learning delivery from legacy training solutions to high ROI, outcomes-centered digital learning.

Client Engagement / Scoping Tool

Engage internal / external customers by equipping client-facing teams to transform the conversation from “order taker” to performance consultant. LearningROI’s well defined learning delivery options provide a common reference point and approach to blended learning design, enabling stakeholder alignment on learning investments.

Robust Learning Analytics Platform

LearningROI’s rich data-driven model supports a more analytical approach to demonstrating the value and impact of learning programs on business / mission outcomes. LearningROI also enables more visibility on how the organization is adapting to the 70:20:10 reference model with visually engaging Blended Learning Plans and customized reports. Data can also be used to inform learning “ecosystem” investment priorities.

Performance Modeling

Model the behaviors of top performing learners by sharing LearningROI’s Blended Learning Plans to a design team that includes top performers in critical roles that have demonstrated innovations in learning / performance support in the flow of work.

Implement Enterprise-wide Learning Design Standards

Globally dispersed L&D teams benefit from learning design standards – especially in markets with strict compliance requirements.

About LearningROI

LearningROI is the world’s first learning performance platform built to track workforce sills gaps, design optimized learning solutions, and measure business impact with ROI metrics, all with the singular objective of driving learning performance across the enterprise. Front-line management and client facing L&D teams now have the support they need to “change the conversation” from training “order taking” to a more engaging discussion about learning solutions that drive ROI / business outcomes.

Our novel ROI-based approach makes an otherwise complicated task of crafting high performing learning solutions a snap. Based on our enterprise deployments over the past 10 years, we have developed compelling use cases where LearningROI helps organizations break out of past practices that result in chronically poor returns on training investments.

Conducting a rigorous ROI analysis of available learning delivery options is excessively burdensome. LearningROI was designed to find the right balance between rigor and efficiency while driving workforce learning performance.


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